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Growing Our Economy

As a former small business owner and non-profit director, Christine works with colleagues to explore new and innovative ways to attract businesses, workers and new families to Michigan.  Our economy is constantly changing - we need progressive policies that keep Michigan growing - not only in jobs, but in quality of life.  No other state should eclipse Michigan as the state in which to live, work and play - we have it all! 

Support Small Business

As a former small business owner, Christine knows small businesses are the backbone of Michigan’s economy and face unique challenges to succeed. We must foster public-private partnerships that include community colleges, business support groups and local communities to develop and execute innovative approaches to small business operations. We need programs to support not only start-up operations, but provide ongoing support to take small, local businesses and their employees to the next level.

Foster Green Growth

Michigan has abundant natural resources.  We need to grow new green businesses to expand our economy and create great jobs. The demand for wind turbine has outpaced production. Solar power demand is growing worldwide. Michigan has the engineering and manufacturing expertise and workforce to build these technologies today.   Michigan can create good jobs and protect our environment.

Create an Inclusive Economy

Workers are in high demand.  By 2020, Millennials (those reaching adulthood in 2000 and beyond) will form half the workforce. Many millenials expect, and even demand, to work for purpose-driven businesses and to live in communities that offer a great quality of life.  Michigan must become a champion of welcoming all people to our state - we must celebrate our differences and promote economic and social policies that encourage our diversity and inclusiveness to grow.

Expand the Middle Class

If people are too broke to buy the goods that companies manufacture, business and the economy are weakened.  Successful companies like Costco get this, as does our own Michigan based Meijer’s. They pay their workers more and benefit from their loyalty and productivity.  When we lift Michiganders out of poverty, we grow the middle class, and our state prospers.  Middle class workers are consumers, driving even more business into our economy.

A thriving middle class requires more than offering good paying jobs.  We must help workers stay employed or advance to other jobs with even more earnings and skill development potential.  We need policies that support working parents, public transportation, and strong transportation infrastructure.